I´m specialized in repairing, tuning and maintaining musical instruments.


For maintenance of musical instruments and spare parts

Diagnostic and repairing

From minor faults to instrument rebuild. We offer the best solution upon years of experience not extruturais problems in musical instrument


For structural disarrangements or rupture issues. Don´t trash your old instrument. It can be brought to new.

new instrument Project

Creating my own projects and accepting your project for a brand new musical instrument.


Some of my works

Saxophone repair


Brasswind repair


Woodwind creations and private collection


Guitars, completed Projects waiting for new owner


Work in progress Projects


String Instrument Repair


Woodwind repair


Stradivari project


In my career as Principal Bassoonist in the London Philharmonic, English Chamber and London Symphony Orchestras spanning 40 years, all playing Heckel no. 7465 I have been extremely fortunate to have employed only 3 instruments repairers all of whom I had to trust totally to service my bassoon.
My present colleague, Manuel Furtado, who looks after my priceless instrument is a highly skilled artist and has my total trust. He is one of those rare people who not only has a great skill at working with bassoons but has outstanding insight and reverence for a great instrument.

I wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend him.


About Me

brief historical background

Manuel Furtado

The Instrument Repairman

I started my activities as a musical instruments technician in 1985, in a shop situated in Lisbon called “ Violino “. At the workshop I did learn how to work with mostly all the wind instruments used in a symphonic orchestra, from soldering tin and silver, bending tube, working with mechanical over, working with a lathe, the well polishing, repairing broken wooden instruments, molding dented metal instruments and general repairs on saxophones, flutes, clarinets, oboes and bassoons.
In 1991 I was invited by a Government Authority  to give a Professional Course about Restoring Musical Instruments for a period of 2 years.
Since 1993 I have been working as a freelancer as a repairer of woodwind, brass and string instruments, having since then learned how to make guitars and string instruments.
I frequented the Musical Conservatory of Lisbon learning the Transversal Flute in C. I also frequented a Jazz course at the Hot Club Portugal.
By the years passing and as a consequence of testing so many instruments I became a saxophone player as well.



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